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Edit Flow v0.6: Custom editorial metadata and the story budget

Following a few months of development and countless hours of bug squashing, we are pleased to introduce Edit Flow v0.6. This release includes two brand new workflow features which continue to adapt WordPress for the publishing environment: editorial metadata and the story budget. In addition, our calendar has been rewritten from the ground up, and many bugs have been fixed.

We have a special treat for you with this release: a screencast video walking you through all the new stuff we’re so excited about. Take a look!

For those who prefer reading, here’s a breakdown of the new features:

Editorial Metadata

Our goal for editorial metadata is to make it easy to keep track of important information associated with every post, within every post. Contact information for the story’s sources? Saved in the sidebar. Required story length? Saved in the sidebar.

Editorial metadata comes with a bunch of built-in terms, but these can be changed to your heart's content.

Within each post you can modify the metadata recorded for the post

Story Budget

Our goal with the story budget view is to make it simple to visualize all of your upcoming content in a presentation familiar to more traditional news organizations.

Get a sense of your upcoming content on the Story Budget

This release also fixes many bugs around custom statuses, user groups, and notifications! A full list of changes can be found on the version changelog.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, download it from the Plugin Directory or directly from within WordPress. Please use the WordPress.org forums for support, bugs, and ideas. Track our progress and get involved with development on GitHub!

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