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Edit Flow v0.7: Modular architecture, monthly calendar, and sortable statuses

Months in the making, Edit Flow v0.7 is now out the door and available for download. We’d love to give you a quick introduction to what’s new.

Modular architecture

The biggest change in Edit Flow v0.7 is that the entire plugin has been rewritten into a modular architecture. Each feature is a module you can enable or disable. Most modules have a configuration view where, among other things, you can change which post types you want to apply the feature to. No more dealing with code snippets for adding custom statuses to your custom post type. There are also standard UIs for customizing each feature.

One purpose of the modular architecture is to make it much easier for others to contribute new features. It’s super easy to plug a new module into our framework and have it work with existing features. Learn more about contributing code.

Month-by-month calendar with AJAX drag and drop

The calendar now defaults to showing the upcoming six weeks, and you can change this range to a week or up to twelve weeks. Unpublished posts can be dragged from date to date so you can keep track of what’s going to be published when. Click on a post title to see all of the details about the post (including your viewable editorial metadata).

Other improvements

Along with the big changes, we added a lot of polish to each feature, including:

Credits for this release

Edit Flow is an open source project, and we’re indebted to many people for helping us improve the code and experience. In particular, we’d like to mention:

Try out Edit Flow v0.7 and let us know what you think. Want to help make the next version even better? Check out our introduction to contributing, and get involved!

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