Custom Statuses

Define the key stages to your workflow.

Edit Flow’s custom statuses allow you to define the stages of your editorial workflow. Out of the box, WordPress offers only “Draft” and “Pending Review” as post statuses. Edit Flow adds more statuses – like “In Progress”, “Pitch”, or “Waiting for Edit” – which you can keep, change, or delete, as well as add your own custom statuses. You can also drag and drop statuses to set the best order for your workflow. And you can designate any status as the default for new posts – you’re not stuck with “Draft” anymore.

Custom statuses are fully integrated into the rest of Edit Flow and the WordPress admin. On the calendar and story budget, you can filter your view to see only posts of a specific status. Furthermore, email notifications can be sent to selected users or user groups when a post changes status.

Extend custom statuses

Using WordPress’ hooks and filters, you can extend custom statuses in the following ways:

  • ef_custom_status_list (filter) – Modify the list of custom statuses presented in the select dropdown. This can be used to limit statuses based on user role, user group, or other rules.