Edit Flow v0.6.3: Email bug fix and seeing unpublished content

We released Edit Flow v0.6.3 on Monday to fix/add a few things. First, we restored email notifications to old delivery method instead of queueing with WP cron because of reliability issues. This should fix any and all notification delivery problems. Second, per a request in the forums, we’ve added the ability to see just “unpublished” content on the story budget and editorial calendar. This could be pretty useful for those newsrooms with a lot of content published on a daily basis.

As always, please hit us with feedback, ideas, and questions in the WordPress.org forum.


  1. Does this fix the issue with duplicate e-mails being send when posts are updated / scheduled / published?

    In earlier versions, the e-mail stating a post had been scheduled also included the date and time – it would be extremely useful to have this back as it makes that specific e-mail far more functional.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Daniel Bachhuber says:

      Yes, it should completely fix duplicate emails being sent. If it does, let us know and we can diagnose further.

      I’ll add the date and time for scheduled posts as a feature request.

  2. Hi there. Great update.

    I just noticed that Edit Flow does not play well with WPML Plugin. In the calendar view, I only see content from the default language. That’s unfortunate. Btw this is the (last) free WPML Version I am using, we’ll see if it changes after we upgraded.

    • Daniel Bachhuber says:

      That’s frustrating. If the issue persists, start a new thread in the WordPress.org support forum and we’ll do our best to help you find a solution.

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