1. I’m just a simple blogger and blogmaster for now.
    The email notification feature in Editflow plug-in: Does it generate an email alert to assigned recipients, every time a change to a post is made, no matter how tiny the editorial change maybe?

    • Daniel Bachhuber says:

      Hey Jean,
      The plugin will only send email alerts to specified recipients when the post status is changed or an editorial comment is left. It doesn’t check to see whether the content of the page has changed at all.

  2. Great plug-in – The e-mail notification options are wonderful but I noticed a few issues. Hopefully this feedback will go some way in improving the system;

    1. I’m getting almost all e-mails twice. (Double) This might be related to the admin being the author – but a simple if statement would resolve that.

    2. I just got e-mailed that I drafted Menu items – then again when I saved the menu. Might want to implement a check that we’re dealing with posts rather than nav items or other objects as it’s e-mailing about things unrelated to the system. (see below)

    3. Ideally I would like to disable the option to choose which recipients are assigned altogether on an individual basis. I just want to set some general rules. Essentially I always want the author + the editors user group set as recipients and never anyone else so the options/settings in the author panel are not needed. In fact I prefer for them not to be there.

    4. On a similar note, I didn’t find an option to disable the author meta fields altogether from the post edit screen – so I was forced to use this functionality even though we don’t need it.

    The e-mails related to item 2:
    A new Nav_menu_item (#892 “”) was created by NAME E-MAIL
    => Draft

    Nav_menu_item #892 “” was published by NAME (E-MAIL)
    Draft => Published

  3. Love the Editorial Metadata concept! Can it be applied in pages too?

  4. Shanna says:

    Love the editorial metadata concept as well. However, I’m curious if there is a way to fill out the sheet and then have an email automatically sent to the assigned writer?


    • Scott Bressler says:

      Hi Shanna,

      What is it that you’d expect/hope for in such an e-mail? Would you want an e-mail sent out anytime the metadata is updated? Should it only be sent to the current author or anyone subscribed to the post?


      • Shanna says:

        Hi Scott!

        I’m hoping that when I fill out the editorial metadata and then it would alert the current author I assigned that the post has been created for them.

        Thanks so much!

      • Scott Bressler says:

        So are you talking specifically about editorial metadata of the “User” type which allows you to select an author of the blog from the drop-down? Or the author of the post? What would such an e-mail contain?

  5. The email would contact the author to let them know the post has been built and notify/confirm their assignment. And I’m speaking about the “User” selection from the drop down.

    • Scott Bressler says:

      Ok. We’ve added this feature request to our backlog.


      • Sorry Scott. I have another question. Is there a setting for notification subscriptions that needs to be set? Half of my freelancers get the email updates and half of them don’t. I’m not sure what makes some different from others.


      • Scott Bressler says:

        Hi Shanna,

        Are you still having issues with sporadic notifications with the latest version of Edit Flow (0.6.5)? If so, please let us know in the forums:


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