1. One thing that does bug especially the other authors on my site is that the plugin sends up to 5 e-mails every time any change occurs.

    For example, for the scheduled article that went live today I received 5 e-mails telling me it had gone live – with the author of the article receiving 4. Now I could (vaguely) understand getting 1 extra as admin, though a simple if statement could resolve that, but 5?

    It would be most appreciated if that was looked into. The plugin contains a lot of stuff we don’t use at all (and wish we could disable!) but it also does a lot of stuff that is incredibly useful. Thank you for that.

    • Daniel Bachhuber says:

      Hey there,
      We heard a similar report previously but weren’t able to duplicate. We’ll take a look at it again.



  2. Hi Daniel,

    It’s only getting worse. Admin consistently gets 1 e-mail more than the author, so there’s definitely some loop going out of wack.

    We could probably hack the plugin to stop doing it, but I don’t feel like running yet another plugin I have to modify every time it updates. Much better fixing it at the source!

    The following image illustrates an Editor making a comment and then putting the article to ‘Reviewed’ status:

    Article was written by Author A, Reviewed by Editor B and the inbox is from Admin C. Hopefully that helps in identifying the issue. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like more info.


  3. I’m using .0.6.2 on, and notification emails aren’t working at all, despite having notification settings turned on.

    I’m using .0.6 on and, and the email notifications are working just fine.


  4. Daniel Bachhuber says:

    Sorry for the delay. Email notifications should be completely fixed with v0.6.3. Please let us know if this isn’t the case for you.



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